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Torque is a physics-based first-person puzzle-platformer


You play a death convict who agreed to participate in a mysterious behaviour experiment in exchange for his freedom.
The experiment consists in resolving dangerous time-limited puzzles, involving a handheld device that can remotely rotate some objects.

You'll have to think fast if you want to get out of here. And be careful: you wouldn't be the first one to die in this place…


As you guessed it, Torque mainly consists in resolving puzzles using physics in dangerous environments, as some other games already did. BUT, it tries to stand out with some new ideas:

  • the main gameplay mechanic consists in rotating objects with red surfaces (the axis of rotation being perpendicular to the chosen red surface)
  • you can use this power to create platforms to walk on, remove obstacles, or, more interestingly, to gather speed by using centrifugal force
  • you will have multiple ways to complete most of levels, some of them will only require reflection, some others a little more skills and timing
  • The entire experiment is time-limited, and you'll be able to get out of this place only if you complete the last test chamber fast enough.
  • EACH FAILURE will count : when you die, another test subject will take your place and restart from your last checkpoint, but the countdown won't be reset. You choose yourself where your checkpoints are, but their number is very limited!
  • There will be many secret zones, that will require lots of skills and observation to reach. Maybe you will find out what this place really is... or find shortcuts at least.

Development Roadmap

This game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and developed by a team composed of me, and my laptop. I don't have any artist on the project, so I'll make everything by myself or find free/cheap assets on the internet.

The game is actually in pre-alpha stage, but the main game mechanics are fully functional and the first levels are finished. My top priorities now are :

  • focus on the narrative
  • finish to prototype new gameplay features
  • create more levels!


The gameplay is still a little experimental, so I'm really waiting for your feedbacks to adjust the game design.

Too hard? Too simple? Tell me what you thought about the demo, and how much time did you spend on your first walkthrough. Any constructive criticism will be very appreciated ^^


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